Family Circle Medical Practice: Providing Compassionate Care

At Family Circle Medical Practice, we believe it’s both a privilege and an honour to provide assistance during times of need.

We understand the financial strain faced by our aged pensioners and extend a significant discount for accessing our services. Additionally, we are committed to bulk billing health assessments and the quarterly care plans for our patients registered with MyMedicare.

For added convenience, if you have linked your bank details with Medicare, your rebate can be efficiently claimed at the conclusion of your consultation. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure your bank details are lodged with Medicare.

Patients without a Medicare card will be kindly requested to settle the full consultation fee on the day of their visit.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to care for you and your family, prioritising your health and well-being. Thank you for entrusting us with your care.

Private Fees

Appointment Type Fee Medicare Rebate Fee Out of Pocket
Standard.1 (< 19 mins) $95 $41.40 $53.60
Long.1 (20 – 29 mins) $145 $80.10 $64.90
Long.2 (30 – 39 mins) $195 $80.10 $114.90
Prolonged D (40 – 59 mins) $250 $118.00 $132.00
Prolonged E (> 60 mins) $350 $191.20 $158.80
Antenatal Care $150 $51.90 $98.10
Telehealth.1 (< 19 mins) $95 $41.40 $53.60
Telehealth.2 (20 – 29 mins) $145 $80.10

(Eligible if registered with MyMedicare at our practice)

Telephone.1 (< 19 mins) $95 $41.40 $53.60
Telephone.2 (20 – 29 mins) $145 $80.10

(Eligible if registered with MyMedicare at our practice)


Aged Pension 65 and over with a valid pensioner concession card

Appointment Type Fee Medicare Rebate Fee Out of Pocket
Standard.1 (< 19 mins) $70 $41.40 $28.60
Long.1 (20 – 29 mins) $125 $80.10 $44.90
Long.2 (30 – 39 mins) $175 $80.10 $94.90
Prolonged D (40 – 59 mins) $225 $118.00 $107.00
Prolonged E (> 60 mins) $325 $191.20 $133.80
Telehealth.1 (< 19 mins) $70 $41.40 $28.60
Telehealth.2 (20-29 mins) $125 $80.10 (Eligible if registered with MyMedicare at our practice) $44.90
Telephone.1 (<19 mins) $70 $41.40 $28.60
Telephone.2 (20 – 29 mins) $125 $80.10 (Eligible if registered with MyMedicare at our practice) $44.90

Surgical Procedures

Appointment Type Fee Medicare Rebate Fee Out of Pocket
Excision – General $100 Nil $100
Excision – Level 1 $150 Nil $150
Excision – Level 2 $250 Nil $250
Excision – Level 3 $350 Nil $350
Excision – Level 4 $450 Nil $450
Excision – Level 5 $550 Nil $550
Iron Infusion $225 $41.40 $183.60
Joint Injection – 1 $100 $41.40 $58.60
Joint Injection – 2 $150 $80.10 $69.90
Implanon Insertion only $100 $41.40 $58.60
Implanon Removal only $125 $41.40 $83.60
Implanon Removal / Insert same day $150 $41.40 $108.60
MIRENA / IUD Insertion $250 $41.40 $208.60

Medical Assessments

Medical Type Fee Medicare Rebate Fee Out of Pocket
Employment health checks $550 Nil $550

Some procedures that are not routinely required for every medical may need to be referred to pathology which we have on-site.

All pathology and drug and alcohol testing referrals will be given to our onsite pathology team. Pathology is on-site Monday to Friday 8am-1pm. Audiometry testing will be by referral.

Please note – Current Photo ID must be presented prior to the medical being performed.

Mental Health Services

Service Type Full Fee Pensioner / Concession Your Contribution
Mental Health Care Plan (20 – 39 mins) $195 $100.20 $94.80
Mental Health Care Plan (>40 mins) $250 $147.65 $102.35
Mental Health Care Plan Review $150 $78.95 $71.05

Skin Cancer Checks

Service Type Fee Medicare Rebate Fee Out of Pocket
Standard (<19 mins) $150 $41.40 $108.60
Long.1 (20-29 mins) $190 $80.10 $109.90

Managing Chronic Disease with Health Assessments, GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangement

Living with a chronic disease can be challenging, but with proper management and support, you can lead a fulfilling life while effectively managing your condition. Your General Practitioner (GP) is here to assist you in creating a comprehensive plan tailored to your individual needs through a GP Management Plan (GPMP) and Team Care Arrangement.

What is a GP Management Plan (GPMP)? A GP Management Plan (GPMP) is a personalized care plan designed to assist patients with chronic diseases. These plans typically involve an initial longer appointment each year, followed by up to three review appointments throughout the year. During these appointments, you and your GP/nurse will discuss your condition, set goals, and outline strategies for managing your health effectively.

Key Components of a GPMP:

  • Discussion of your chronic condition and its management.
  • Setting specific health goals.
  • Planning for regular follow-up and review appointments.
  • Coordination of care with other healthcare providers.
  • Renewal of referrals and prescriptions related to your chronic disease.

What is a Team Care Arrangement? A Team Care Arrangement is an extension of your GPMP that allows referrals to Allied Health Professionals, such as Dieticians, Podiatrists, and Physiotherapists. Under this arrangement, you are entitled to a total of five Allied Health visits per year (with exceptions for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who may be eligible for ten visits).

Why are Health Assessments Important? Health assessments, conducted by your GP, help evaluate your overall health status and well-being along the health continuum. These assessments are essential for identifying potential health risks, monitoring your condition, and ensuring that you receive appropriate care and support.

Types of Health Assessments:

  • Medicare items 701 to 707: General, time-tiered health assessment items.
  • Medicare item 715: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Assessment.

Managing a chronic disease requires ongoing support and coordination of care. Your GP is committed to providing you with the necessary resources and assistance through GP Management Plans, Team Care Arrangements, and health assessments. By actively participating in these initiatives, you can take control of your health and enhance your overall well-being. For further information or to schedule an appointment, please contact our clinic. Your health and well-being are our top priorities.

Care Plans and Health Assessments are bulk billed.

Visit Type Fee Your Contribution
GP Management Plan (GPMP) $158.00 $0
Team Care Arrangement (TCA) $125.85 $0
Care Plan Review GPMP 1st $79.30 $0
Care Plan Review TCA 1st $79.30 $0
Care Plan Review GPMP 2nd $79.30 $0
Care Plan Review TCA 2nd $79.30 $0
Care Plan Review GPMP 3rd $79.30 $0
Care Plan Review TCA 3rd $79.30 $0
Health Assessment <45 min $151.80 $0
Health Assessment 45-60 min $209.45 $0
Health Assessment >60 min $295.90 $0
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Assessment $233.65 $0

Private Services

Service Type Fee Medicare Rebate Fee Out of Pocket
Dressing – small $15 Nil $15
Dressing – large $20 Nil $20
Ear Syringing $150 Nil $150
Spirometry $150 Nil $150
Removal of Sutures (if procedure not performed in our practice) $30 Nil $30
Cryotherapy $100 Nil $100

Allied Health Services

Service Type Fee Medicare Rebate Fee Out of Pocket
Mental Health Nurse (Long) $210 $54.85 $155.15
Mental Health Nurse (Short) $150 $37.15 $112.85
Podiatrist $60 $0 $60
Psychiatrist (initial) $546 $247.25 $298.75
Psychiatrist (30 – 45 mins) $386 $126.40 $259.60
Psychiatrist (15 – 30 mins) $286 $82.50 $203.85

Forms & Driving Licenses

Please be advised a private fee with no Medicare rebate is to be paid to have documents completed. Medicare does not cover this service.

Please contact reception with any queries in regards to form charges prior to booking.

Form Type Private Fee with No Medicare Rebate
NSW Fitness to drive medical (Private vehicle only) $100
Commercial Truck/Bus/Taxi license $350
Centrelink Cares form $145
Centrelink Disability Pension form $145
Private Health Insurance form $145
Superannuation form $145
Mobility Parking scheme form $100
NDIS form $145
Jury Duty form $145
Taxi Subsidy form $145
Alcohol Interlock Program Medical Consultation Certificate $145
Overseas Immunisation Records to be uploaded to register for Immunisation Statement $145

Non-Attendance Policy

At Family Circle Medical Practice, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional care. To ensure everyone receives timely attention, we’ve established a non-attendance policy.

While we understand unforeseen circumstances, consistent non-attendance affects your health outcomes and others’ access to care.

A non-attendance or late cancellation fee of $50 for short consultations and $100 for long consultations applies if you fail to attend or cancel your appointment within 1 hour of the scheduled appointment time. Further appointments will not be offered until the fee is paid.

Contact us promptly at (02) 4962 1900 for cancellations or rescheduling. We appreciate your commitment & courtesy.


At our practice, your safety is paramount. We adhere to strict infection control in accordance with RACGP Infection Control Standards. We use sterile disposable instruments for all procedures to safeguard your health.


To book an appointment online please click the button below or call our receptionist.
We look forward to helping you.